About March Veterans Village

About Shelters

APO’s mission is to support veterans shelters through The APO Foundation Inc. These shelters provide a home to previously homeless veterans that are trying to transition back into society. We refer to these shelters as “Villages”. To see a list of villages that APO supports, click on a link below.

The APO Foundation Inc

The programs listed on our website are programs of a nonprofit private foundation called The APO Foundation Inc. The American Philanthropic Organization LLC (the website your on) exists to support programs and cover the overhead costs of The APO Foundation Inc, through fund raising for programs and donations from profits of apparel sales. When you donate on our website, the money is directly deposited into The APO Foundation Inc bank account, and a tax deductible receipt is uploaded to the “My Account” page on this website.

100% of Donations Direct to Vet

For 100% of your donation to go directly to the veteran, we offer the choice to pay for your merchant processing fee upon checkout, if you choose not to, 96.5% of your donation goes directly to veteran. The APO Foundation or American Philanthropic Organization LLC does not use donations for overhead expenses. The only fee taken out of donations is the merchant processing fee, which is a mandatory fee charged by banking institutions for transaction management.

Mission of our Programs

Our goal at APO is to help The APO Foundation instill hope, offer support, love unconditionally, and provide security to March Village Residents. Our ultimate goal, and if applicable, is to get these veterans back into society with sustainable employment. We believe our veterans are capable of being some of the most influential citizens if given the chance and support to get back in the game.

Meet the March Village Program Coordinators

Dillon Hagy

CEO & President

Dominic Frontino

President of Raincross Veterans Ministries

About our partner Raincross Veterans Ministries

Dominic Frontino is a U.S Army Veteran, and Community Philanthropist. Dom sold his small business two years ago to focus on our common mission, ending all pandemics and issues that veterans face. Raincross Veterans Ministries is a independent volunteer organization that Dom has been using establish programs at March Village. The relationship between APO and Raincross was an immediate click. With the same mission, our partnership is going to transform March Veterans Village for the better.