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The mission of the American Philanthropic Organization, APO, is to Strengthen America and solve nationally critical social issues, starting with ending veterans struggles and developing America’s future leaders. We accomplish our mission through our E-commerce store, fund raising platform, leading student organizations, and supporting The APO Foundation Inc.

What we do

The core four

Read about what we do, it’s unique, scalable, and capable of changing the world


Help veterans in need with your everyday regular expenditure of clothing.


They fought for our freedom, but live lives full of hardships. It’s time to take a stand!


Our e-commerce store and fund raising platform bring new meaning to websites.


Students can greatly impact their community year after year. Their our future leaders!


APO Instill Hope – APO Provide Support – APO Offer Security

With 40,000 homeless veterans, and nearly 1 veteran committing suicide every hour, their is no shortage of problems to solve. To understand the veterans, APO founders spend time them. What have we found?

Their are three key ingredients to a successful recovery: hope, support, and security. We cannot change the veteran, they have to change themselves, and this is where instilling hope comes in. Hope alone is not enough, veterans need programs to keep that hope alive, they need good food, clothes, therapy, activities, etc, all which can be provided from APO customers wearing APO apparel and Patriot Clubbers. The end result goal for our veterans are employment, so they can get back into society and set an example for others to follow.


Transparency – APO Evoke Selfless – Feeling APO Pride


Style – APO Pride – APO Social Impact

You wear clothes everyday, why not be proud while wearing them? Imagine if you could wear a logo that stood for what you believe in. A logo that stands for true American values, freedom, love, and liberty. A logo that strengthens America, heals our veterans, and develops our youth.

We at APO believe your clothing should fill you with pride, confidence, and patriotism, while being tasteful, quality, and stylish.


Impact Veterans – APO Develop Leaders – APO Employment
APO Student Chapters are benevolent groups dedicated to aiding American veterans whether it be those that are poor, homeless, suffering from PTSD, or simply because they served. APO Student Chapters act as a bridge between the community, the school, alumni, and the active student body. APO Chapters enrich the leadership and business development experience of college students while positively impacting veterans in local communities, by offering students opportunities to fund raise and perform community service. APO Chapters are ran like a business at a collegiate level to ensure successful impact within the community.


1 September 2016

Military Philanthropic Organization Founded (MPO)

Our President, Dillon, realized his friends wanted to give back to veterans, but no way of doing so existed. So, him and his friends co-founded a student club, MPO, that provided members with opportunities to give back.
1 September 2016
5 December 2017

MPO proliferates towards it's vision

The club went through much trial and error, but a successful formula was figured out. MPO is now 50 members strong, who fund raised $8,000 worth of money and goods, and performed 300+ hours of community service. President Dillon Hagy, and Vice President Anthony Juhasz won a $5,000 first place prize at the Pitt Business of Humanity Project. Dillon and Anthony both received a scholarship for their community service, and had articles written about them by the University.
5 December 2017
1 June 2018

MPO becomes APO, and is joined by a new co-founder

For legal reasons, the student club MPO was dissolved and removed from campus. After, the American Philanthropic Organization LLC (APO) was formed, due to our national vision. With all the work ahead, APO brings on it’s new COO & VP of Operations, Michael Roby. At the same time, Dillon moves to Southern California for a new job, which is why you see APO impacting PA and CA simultaneously. Now, the game begins, so much to do, so little time!
1 June 2018
1 January 2019

Legal work completed, first website created, prototype apparel created

With the LLC formed, APO created it’s first experimental website. Being a startup focused on a social cause, we decided to take on the challenge of creating our own digital presence. We also created prototype apparel to get feedback from friends and family.
1 January 2019
1 March 2019

Veterans for Valentines campaign

APO launched a prototype apparel sale campaign called “Veterans for Valentines”, for Valentines Day. Every shirt purchased meant a shirt would be donated to a struggling veteran in Pittsburgh, PA. The campaign gathered valuable insight from customers, more importantly, a veterans shelter said the clothes donated were gone in one day. The veterans were so happy!
1 March 2019
1 May 2019

Time to build a platform

After our VfV campagin, we realized we need to deliver quality and engaging photos of every donation to the donor. This is what makes us unique, you buy, we send you pictures of your donations!
1 May 2019
1 July 2019

Almost ready to launch

After months of hard work, APO has created their online platform, and is in the final stages of creating their first couple apparel items. APO customers can now shop, view impact pictures, sponsor villages and more on the new APO Platform.

1 July 2019
15 July 2019

APO gains a new partner

APO is joined by a new partner in Riverside, CA. Dom Frontino runs independent programs at a veterans shelter with the same goals as APO. CEO Dillon Hagy and Dom decided conjoining the programs with APO will make a big difference. APO now has an 800 SQ FT program office on-site March Veterans Village. The programs are supported by APO Monthly Sponsors.

15 July 2019

Student Organization Achievements

APO-IUP donates $3,500 of supplies to homeless veterans!

APO-IUP in partnership with Team RWB Indiana, PA Chapter hosted the Homeless Heroes Stocking Project 2017 and fund raised $3,500 worth of supplies that was donated to homeless veterans in the Pittsburgh, PA area. View pictures here.

APO President and Co-Founder apprears on TV with Chancellor of the PA State School System

Student of Indiana University of Pennsylvania Dillon Hagy talking about MPO and Student Leadership with InterimChancellor Karen Whitney. Dillon appears at 1:05, 9:45, 16:05, and 23:00 of the video.

APO-IUP raises $1,500 with first ever sole hosted event

APO-IUP with help from the Veterans Leadership Program of PA solely hosted their first event, the Veterans Liftathon. View pictures here.

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